Green lawn (with a bit of clover) in a colorful landscaped formal garden.

Founded in 2012, Hughes Turf Management quickly bloomed into a full-time pursuit for turfgrass expert Peter Hughes. Peter founded the company with the focus of providing picturesque landscapes and lawns that also serve the practical needs of his clients. In short, he prides himself on producing eye-catching lawns that you and your family can enjoy to its fullest.

Owner, Operator: Peter Hughes

Peter sparked his passion for turfgrass management at the age of 15 when he took a part-time job at a golf course. That pursuit eventually led to Clemson University, where Peter earned a bachelor’s degree in Turfgrass Management in 2007. He then spent the next seven years as the assistant superintendent at Chattahoochee Golf Course in Gainesville, Ga. And after providing his expertise to private clients on a part-time basis, Peter eventually opted to pursue Hughes Turf Management in a full-time capacity.

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